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Stone Canyon Elementary

Parent/Teacher Organization

2018 - 2019



PTO Board Members for 2018-2019


            Co-Presidents: Leslie Pelton & Chad Byerly

            Vice President: Erin Fleming

            Secretary: Staci Stover

            Treasurer: Melissa Lewis

            Publicity: Shanda Mefford


Purpose of the PTO

  • To allow parents and teachers to work closer together in providing a source for educational support, emotional support, and physical support of our students.
  • We strive to constantly promote teacher and staff morale which in turns provides a positive and happy environment for learning within the classrooms.
  • To schedule different events throughout the school year to raise funds that are then used for a variety of school supplies, support, and equipment. These events include the following (some of which may change as the year continues)
    • Walk-a-thon
    • Father-Daughter Dance
    • Mother-Son Event
    • Run Club
    • Fundraiser Nights at local restaurants
    • Fundraiser Auction/Family Night Event


How to Join:  Complete the PTO membership form and pay $5.  Then you are invited to attend meetings, will receive access to a directory of other members, and will be able to vote on items discussed during meetings.


Directory: Will be sent via email after the first PTO meeting.  If you do not want to be included please send an email to



  • Will occur at 8 AM on the second Thursday of every month.
  • Will be held in the library unless there is another event at the same time in which care we will meet in the computer room.
  • PTO Meetings for 2018-2019
    • September 13
    • October 11
    • November 8
    • December 13
    • January 10
    • February 14
    • March 14
    • April 11
    • May 9



  • Please like our Facebook page, it will be kept up to date of all activities. Stone Canyon Elementary PTO
  • Watch for emails, we will ask for volunteers for the events we coordinate and are always looking for help to make these a success. We may also ask for donations of supplies or food to help make these all possible.
  • Calendar of Events (link at the bottom of the page!)


Committees:  Following is a list of our current committees, when you complete your PTO membership form if you chose any of these then you will receive an email from the committee chairperson with further information.  These committees include the following:


  • Walk-a-thon: Organizes our fall fundraising event.
  • Social/Spirit Committee: Organizes activities for students, teachers, and families to boost morale, encourage a sense of community throughout the school, and help provide meals, snacks, and other items to celebrate holidays or other occasions for our teachers and staff.
  • Auction/Family Fun Night Committee: Help organize our biggest fundraising event of the year. This is typically held in the spring.
    • Committee Chair: 
  • Fifth Grade Activities subcommittee: Helps with the 5th grade field trips, coordinates 5th grade gift to the school and end of year activities.
    • Committee Chair:
  • Playground Committee: Helps maintain the playground and outdoor classrooms. They also help determine what needs or improvements are necessary.
    • Committee Chair:
  • Finance/Audit Committee: Meets at the beginning of the school year to audit the financial records and prepare a year-end audit report of the previous school year.
    • Committee Chair:
  • Father/Daughter Dance: Coordinates the Father/Daughter Dance at the first of December.
  • Big Bash Committee: Coordinates the end of year party for the entire school
    • Committee Chair:
If you'd like more information or need to contact a member of our PTO, please email