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Holiday Links

Google Santa Tracker!



ABCya! Make a Snowman

ABCya! 100 Snowballs

Make a Snowman a Snowman

Starfall 10 Little Snowmen

Snowman Story

Snowflake Symphony-Touch the flakes to create your own song

City Creator-Make a Snow Village

Fun4theBrain Snowball Fight (subtraction or multiplication option)

Fun4theBrain Snowy's Friend Addition Game

Fun4theBrain Snowman Fact Family Practice Game

PBS Kids Snowflake Symmetry-Match the Flakes

Arcademic Skill Builders Snow Sprint-Fraction Game

Snowflake Maker using Polygons and Vertices

Animate a Snowflake

Make a Snowflake

What is the best thing to do on a Snow Day? Why do we have Snow Days?-Wonderopolis

Brain Pop Jr. Movie of the Week!


Link currently unavailable at school:

In Need of a Snow Day? Popular Front Snow Days


I Have a Dream...

Resources for Timeline Creation:



National Geographic Kids


Listen to Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech "I Have a Dream"

What is your dream? What do you need to do to reach this goal?

Dr. King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Find out what this award is and who else has been a recipient.


All About Presidents

What qualities are considered "good" in a a leader? Which qualities do YOU possess that would make YOU a great leader?

Mr. Nussbaum-All About the Presidents of the U.S.

Lessons on American Presidents (Great Resource for Students and Teachers)

Pebble Go (Biographies-Presidents)


What Do Animals Do In the Winter?

Migrate, Adapt or Hibernate...

Video over Migration, Adaptation, and Hibernation from Brain Pop Jr.

If you had a choice what would you do? Migrate, Adapt, or Hibernate? Why?

Did you know that computers and some animals hibernate? Waking up a hibernating animal in some cases could even cause death. Find out why.


Enchanted Learning-Animals that hibernate

Use Pebble Go Arkive and Kid Rex to learn more about your favorite animals

Video over Animal Hibernation at Brain Pop Jr.


Polar Bear Tracker



Peguin Planet-Research/Facts

Penguin World

KidZone Penguin Fact Index

Penguins Around the World


100 Day Activities/Challenges

Enchanted Learning -100 Day Challenges

ABCYA! -100 Number Grid

100 Snowballs

Count to 100 with dots~by 2's and 5's

Make a list in MS Word of 100 words!

~turn your list into a Tagxedo, Word Cloud, or Wordle

*to express 100 things you are thankful for

*100 words to describe qualities about yourself

*Your Top 100- 100 things you would like to do, see, or accomplish before you turn 100!

*100 things you would do if you were president...