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All About Third Grade Readers

Good readers constantly ask questions before, during, and after reading.  Questioning provides a purpose for reading and keeps the reader engaged in the text.  It propels the reader forward to search for answers to their questions.  Questions are answered many different ways; in the text, from prior knowledge (background knowledge), inferences (drawing conclusions), and further research.  There are also some questions that are not answered.  Encourage your child to go through the process of asking these questions before, during and after they read a story or favorite book. 
Questions a good reader will ask prior to reading are:  
I wonder...?
What do I think is going to happen?
Why did the author choose this title?
When did the story take place?
Who is the story about?
Questions a good reader will ask during reading are:  
Who is telling the story?
What do I think will happen next?
How does the character feel?
What would I do?
How is the problem going to be solved?
Questions a good reader will ask after reading are:
How did I feel when...?
What was my opinion of...?
What is the main idea...?
What would have happened if...?