1st Grade » Welcome


We are so happy that you're interested in learning more about your child's education!  First Grade is such an important year for academic, social, and emotional growth.  We are tickled pink to be a nurturing, caring part of your child's school day and we look forward to spending it teaching and learning with your child! 
Early childhood education is an important part of your child's growth and development into adulthood to become a lifelong, autonomous learner.  Children learn best in the early years by experiencing new concepts through active discussion, expression through writing, dramatic play and/or art, song and dance and through tactile experiences using a variety of manipulatives such as blocks, play-doh, stamps, magnets, puzzles, and a variety of books.  You will find your child moving about the classroom at times while other times engaged in quiet reading time, reflective writing in their journal or engaged in an online learning tool to enhance concepts being taught in class.  We will provide various types of learning experiences and opportunities where all children can progress and be met at their emotional, maturational and intellectual learning levels.
If at any time you should have questions regarding your child's progress in first grade, please email or call your child's teacher and we would be more than happy to visit with you at our earliest, mutual convenience through email, phone or conference at the school.  Because the nature of our daily routine requires us to be away from our phones and desks throughout most of the day, we will attempt to respond as soon as possible.
We certainly look forward to each day with your child and are so happy to be teaching in First Grade at Stone Canyon Elementary!
The First Grade Team