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Our Story

Our Mission

Stone Canyon Elementary strives to be a school of character where students honor and respect fellow students, teachers, and community. Our school promotes accepting responsibility for behavior, while being enthusiastic and determined to learn each day. We believe in having patience when challenged and using team work to reach high goals. Through this, we gain strength and creativity from each other; together, we will always succeed.

School Profile

Stone Canyon Elementary is Owasso’s eighth elementary school (opened in 2009) and houses approximately 600 students in Pre-K through 5th grades. Our Highly Qualified staff is committed to the belief that all students can learn. We know that working together and teaming with parents creates an environment for student success. Stone Canyon's unique design offers many distinctive ways to assist teachers in creating a more conducive learning environment. Designed in a pod layout, the nature center theme designates each pod. The insect distinction helps younger students locate their classes easily while giving all students a sense of outdoors. Each pod is designed with a central gathering area to conduct group presentations or grade level instruction. The pod design allows teachers and students to focus on lessons with fewer distractions.

Our dynamic faculty works together to educate students in academics and in key characteristics to become great leaders of Owasso.